Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 24: workouts

Picture by me.

In my last post, I said that I was getting a flu.. Well, the flu turned into pneumonia and I was forced to rest for a week. That certainly sucked.

I'm OK now, although I still cough a lot when I get really winded. Workouts last week were terrible. I went to the gym to do my lower body workout, but the weights seemed at least twice as heavy.. Didn't beat any records.

Workouts this week:

Rowing at the summer house for ~60 mins. Sweating like crazy. I was really angry too, so I guess my heart rate was around 180 BPM the whole time :D

A quick jog around the neighbourhood in the morning. My "light jog" means running like someone's trying to kill me :D 30 mins and I was almost dead. I really need to learn how to jog slowly.
Core blasting strength workout (30 min) in the evening with a relaxing yoga (60-90 min).

Gym time! Lower body knock-out-workout. I have a new routine, and I bet I'll need a wheelchair on Thursday and Friday. Love it.

TRX-training for upper body strength. I have a new routine there too, and I'll show it to you on Thursday!

Gym time, baby! My glutes will scream in agony by the time I'm done, which means that I'll do another round of my lower body workout on Friday too.

Rest / Yoga to improve flexibility

Running for 45-60 mins with an additional core workout and some serious stretching.

What's your workout routine for this week? Anything new?

Hope you're having the best, sunniest Tuesday.


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