Friday, August 3, 2012

My newest addiction: CXWORX

Love doesn't need handles.

Picture source: Les Mills

My most recent addiction is the CXWORX program by Les Mills. It's a new program, launched in early 2011. I tried a CXWORX class during the Les Mills instructor quarterly workshops last year, and I loved it! We got the program a few months ago to our gym, and the participants love it too.

The CXWORX is a 30-minute program, and believe me - you'll feel the burn by the end of the first track! On a scale from one to ten (one being the lowest, ten the highest) the intensity of this workout is definitely an eight or a nine. No need for a longer workout!

It's a low impact and low cardio program, and it fits every fitness level. The CXWORX gives you a quick and effective, but really tough workout. It tightens and tones core muscles and improves your understanding of how the core works.
The CXWORX gives you a nice kick to get you out of your comfort zone. No challenge, no changes!

The workout consists both of isolating exercises (crunches, extensions) and integrated moves like hoovers and standing exercises. The integrated exercises gives you functional strength and core stability. You'll need a tube, a mat and a barbell weight to get started (provided by the gym, ofc). Bring yourselves, a bottle of water and a positive attitude and you're good to go!

Picture source: Les Mills

Describe the CXWORX class in one sentence:
"Omg I have muscles there too?"
"Feel the burn to look HOT later on.. "
"How can something that hurts so much still feel so good?! "
"I love it, I hate it, Im doing it!"
"A real killer, but it's so worth it."
Quotes: the CXWORX Facebook page.
The great thing with Les Mills classes is that the program changes every three months! New tracks, new moves, new choreo and feeling the burn in new places. Since this is a group fitness program, you'll be motivated by the people around you and feel the "group effect". As always, you should let your muscles recover between workouts. I recommend a maximum of three CXWORX classes a week (every other day).

Ok, so some of you have probably noticed that I'm easily addicted to hardcore training. What I love the most about this workout is that I can never complete it 100%. I'll always have something to work on. The hardest part with the current program is the walking hoovers - my triceps feel like they're on fire! That's what keeps me motivated.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

Have you tried the class already?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!


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